Walking a Mile in Cat’s Wet Shoe

An event occurred a few days ago that has led me to much introspection on behavior, and how I respond to it.   I was at the pool with Cat and our good friend. We swam until we could both tell that Cat was completely exhausted and careening toward a meltdown. So we declared it … Continue reading “Walking a Mile in Cat’s Wet Shoe”

If You Get Your Shoes Wet…You’ll Have Wet Shoes

Consequences as Discipline Cat, Dove and I were walking in the park right after it rained.  We approached a huge puddle on the sidewalk. From Cat’s face it was obvious she was pondering the question that almost all three-year-olds ponder at a moment like this.  “Which method of puddle entry would create the biggest splash?” … Continue reading “If You Get Your Shoes Wet…You’ll Have Wet Shoes”

Preschool Teacher to Unschooling Parent

I am an educator.  I have been an educator in one way or another for as long as I can remember.  My first ‘real’ job was working as a 911 operator and dispatcher. I became a training officer fairly quickly, and trained new employees almost nonstop.  After 8 years I decided to leave in favor … Continue reading “Preschool Teacher to Unschooling Parent”