Spacefaring Sam: Trapped by Gravity

Space Unit day 1:  Trapped by Gravity After our usual start to ‘circle time’  – singing songs and reading stories, I pulled out a sheep puppet and introduced him as Sam, a new member of our class.  The kids were enthralled.  They jumped up and ran over, giving Sam hugs and welcoming him.  We always … Continue reading “Spacefaring Sam: Trapped by Gravity”

More to do than can ever be done

The universe.  It is large.   As far as my conception of it goes, it is infinite.   It is infinite in size, in complexity, and in depth. Fractals. Repeating patterns in every direction, each line stretching to infinity.  And ideas. Those are infinite too.  There are an infinite number of ideas we can explore, and … Continue reading “More to do than can ever be done”

Exploring Excess

“A little dab’ll do ya!” Most of the preschool teachers I’ve worked and volunteered with used this catchphrase, or something similar, in their efforts to guide young children in their use of glue.  A little dot of glue is adequate to secure a square of construction paper, or a googly eye.  Using more is wasteful, … Continue reading “Exploring Excess”

My Path to Unschooling

No assignments.  No lectures. No homework.  No tests.  No grades. No academic work required, ever. Children are allowed to do as they will with their time.  There are rules that are in place for practical reasons, but within those rules kids are allowed to do literally whatever they want.  Screen time all day long? Go … Continue reading “My Path to Unschooling”

Stuck at home with kids? Try ‘strewing’

Schools throughout the country are closed.  Kids are home with their family.  And all of a sudden, my Facebook feed is filled with parents asking for help, seeking activity ideas for their bored, stressed children.  There are usually some wonderful suggestions – links to online resources, and suggestions of great activities like cooking together, play … Continue reading “Stuck at home with kids? Try ‘strewing’”