One and Only

Cat is an only child, and now and again we get comments.  “Lucky kid.” folks sometimes comment. “She gets her parents’ attention all to herself.”  And they’re right. Cat definitely enjoys having both of us to herself most of the time. “Poor kid.” they say. “No brothers or sisters to play with.” And they’re right.  … Continue reading “One and Only”

Cheesecake and Screen Time

I want you to imagine something.   Imagine that the Cheesecake Factory decided to have a very special promotion.  For one weekend only, diners are invited to enjoy unlimited cheesecake.  Any variety.   All for just 3.99.  Imagine the insanity that would ensue.  There wouldn’t be crowds, there would be mobs.  Let’s say the restaurant miraculously figured … Continue reading “Cheesecake and Screen Time”

I teach (if I have to)

Before I studied education, I rarely (if ever) gave any thought to educational philosophy. Teachers teach, students learn.  It’s simple. It’s like a math equation. Teaching equals learning. If I want my child to learn things, someone will need to teach her those things. I never questioned my belief in how it important it is … Continue reading “I teach (if I have to)”