Boundaries, Continued

Responding to Boundary Violations Our rule about boundaries is not an easy one for the kids to learn.  This is not one of those lessons that you teach once and move on to the next thing.  It is confusing.  It seems contradictory.   Figuring out the nuances takes a lot of work.  Maya is having … Continue reading “Boundaries, Continued”

We Begin with Boundaries

When other kids encounter the way our family works, they sometimes get the impression that our family has absolutely no rules.  And compared to traditional education and discipline practices, it’s kinda true.  The kids do have an unprecedented amount of freedom.  But no rules?  Not exactly.  We do have one rule.  A big one.  And it … Continue reading “We Begin with Boundaries”

Spacefaring Sam: Phases of the Moon

Quick overall reflection:  We’re now three weeks into our ‘space’ unit – 6 days total, usually 4-6 hours of school each day.  During this time, we’ve talked about gravity, the vacuum of space, rocket ships, and the moon.  We’ve followed the plan I initially laid out fairly closely, except that we’re definitely going through it … Continue reading “Spacefaring Sam: Phases of the Moon”

Spacefaring Sam: Overcoming the Vacuum

Space unit day 4:  What Sam Needs is a Spacesuit  We tried using playdough instead of fidgets today to keep their hands busy during story time.  This worked very well.  They stayed focused on the stories, and we ended up reading twice as many books as usual.  After circle time, I pulled out the vacuum … Continue reading “Spacefaring Sam: Overcoming the Vacuum”

Spacefaring Sam: The Unforgiving Vacuum of Space

Space Unit day 3:  Space is a Vacuum  AKA:  Whoops, I accidentally traumatized the children  I usually set out fidgets on the table for the kids to play with while we sing songs and read them stories.  Today though I figured I’d change it up.  Instead of fidgets, I pulled out trays and a box … Continue reading “Spacefaring Sam: The Unforgiving Vacuum of Space”

Spacefaring Sam: Rocket ships

Space Unit day 2:  What Sam Needs is a Rocket Ship During circle time, the kids were engaged and excited about the books and songs.  Normally, Leslie plays guitar while we sing but this time Maya asked if we could get out the instrument box so everyone could play an instrument.  We pulled out the … Continue reading “Spacefaring Sam: Rocket ships”

Spacefaring Sam: Trapped by Gravity

Space Unit day 1:  Trapped by Gravity After our usual start to ‘circle time’  – singing songs and reading stories, I pulled out a sheep puppet and introduced him as Sam, a new member of our class.  The kids were enthralled.  They jumped up and ran over, giving Sam hugs and welcoming him.  We always … Continue reading “Spacefaring Sam: Trapped by Gravity”