Worth the Risk

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to say about risk.  About why I wholly embrace risky play for my child, and frequently encourage other parents to do the same. Risk, particularly risk to children, is a complicated and controversial topic in our society.  None of us want to see children come to … Continue reading “Worth the Risk”


While studying education I was taught how important it is that we teach children ideas in a connected way.  Children learn so much better when what their learning is connected to something they already know, and have been thinking about.  Also, it’s best to connect ideas across the different areas of development. If you’re doing … Continue reading “Volcanoes!”

Why Should I Worry?

My daughter is a late talker.   Way late.  As she grew and developed, I watched in bemusement as younger babies and toddlers blew past her in verbal milestones.  But I didn’t worry. Since preschool teachers are often the first to recognize developmental delays, I was taught when to worry. Or at least, when to … Continue reading “Why Should I Worry?”

Dealing with Feelings

Feelings are difficult.  My own feelings are difficult enough.  But when I started working in childcare I suddenly became responsible for helping little, emotionally immature people handle their massive emotions.  And that was way, way more difficult.  It is quite a trick to maintain composure when a intense ball of rage trapped in a 2-year-old … Continue reading “Dealing with Feelings”

Parenting on Purpose

  Parenting is difficult. Teaching children is difficult.  And our society makes it so much more difficult than it needs to be.  Parents and caregivers use wildly different methods, philosophies, styles, and systems.  Many of these parenting methods flatly oppose one another. It is not possible to make parenting or childcare choices that fit everyone’s … Continue reading “Parenting on Purpose”

Whatever She Wants

We are raising Cat according to a fairly unique set of parenting philosophies.  We give her what many feel is an insane amount of freedom. She does not attend school, and never will unless she chooses to.   Her education consists of ‘unschooling’, meaning that academic work is not required at any time.  Any and all … Continue reading “Whatever She Wants”

The Stages of Exploration and Discovery

Manipulation, Mastery and Meaning – identifiable and predictable stages of the learning process I learned about these stages, sometimes referred to as ‘the 3-M’s of self discovery’ while studying education in college, and they are such an accurate way to describe child behavior that they immediately became part of my regular vocabulary.  To my knowledge … Continue reading “The Stages of Exploration and Discovery”